13. Without Language

Your host for this edition of Radio Free Gunslinger is Ralph Ellison.

The Content

First Sequence:
Ella Mae Morse - Down in Mexico
Babs Tino - What's Wrong with Me and You?
Richard Barrett - Tricky Dicky
Varietta Dillard & The Cookies - Old Fashioned
The Du Droppers - Bam Balam

Second Sequence:
The Oaks Family - Wake Up, You Drowsy Sleeper
The Georgia Crackers - Riley the Furniture Man
Wilmer Watts & His Lonely Eagles - Sleepy Desert
The Shelor Family - Big Bend Gal
The Southern Moonlight Entertainers - How to Make Love

Third Sequence:
Skip & The Echotones - Oo-la-la
Dore Alpert - Dreamland
Roscoe & The Little Green Men - You Don't Believe
The Barker Brothers - Tonight, Baby, Tonight
Dick Webb - Land of Teenage Love

Fourth Sequence:
Frank Crumit - I Wish That I'd Been Born in Borneo
The Peerless Quartet - Since Mother Goes to Movie Shows
Al Jolson - Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go with Friday on Saturday Night?
Will F. Denny - A Job Like That
Robert Denning & Chorus - Keep It Under Your Hat

Fifth Sequence:
Jack Palance - Green, Green Grass of Home
Mae West - Light My Fire
Joe Pesci - Got to Get You Into My Life
Jessica Mitford & Maya Angelou - Right, Said Fred
Tony Randall - The Debutante's Ball

Max Roach (w. Abbey Lincoln) - Lonesome Lover

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