17. Wallpaper

Your host for this edition of Radio Free Gunslinger is Virgil Thomson.

First Sequence:
Johnny C. & The Blazers - Inferno
Kim Fowley - Big Sur, Bear Mountain, Ciro's, Flip Side, Protest Song
The Patterns - Late Late Show
The Hollywood Argyles - Long Hair, Unsquare Dude Called Jack
The U.S. Rockets - March of the Siamese Children

Second Sequence:
Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians - Love for Sale
Isham Jones & His Orchestra - Lonesome Lover
Ben Selvin & His Orchestra - Dancing in the Dark
Ted Wallace & His Campus Boys - I'm an Unemployed Sweetheart
Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra - Do the New York

Third Sequence:
Gil Scott Heron - Home is Where the Hatred Is
The Watts Prophets - Saint America
Marvin Gaye - What's Going On?/What's Happening, Brother? (live)
The Last Poets - Before the White Man Came
The Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band - Everyday People

Fourth Sequence:
Burt Bacharach - All Kinds of People
The 18th Century Corporation - Are You There (with Another Girl)?
Jim O'Rourke - Something Big
Harper's Bizarre - Me Japanese Boy, I Love You
Splitsville - I'll Never Fall in Love Again

The Theater of Eternal Music - Terry's Cha-Cha

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