3. Me

Your host for this edition of Radio Free Gunslinger is Langston Hughes.

The Content:
First Sequence:
Julie London - The Lonesome Road
Robert Mitchum - They Dance All Night
Earl Grant - The Japanese Farewell Song
Dean Martin - The Tracks of My Tears
Patience & Prudence - We Can't Sing Rhythm and Blues

Second Sequence:
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - Come On Home
Fred Astaire - I Used to Be Color Blind
Mabel Mercer - Some Fine Day
Bobby Troup - Jamboree Jones
Billie Holiday - Lover Come Back to Me

Third Sequence:
Ricky Nelson - Gloomy Sunday
Nick Drake - Blues Run the Game
The Velvet Underground - I'm Not a Young Man Anymore
Herman's Hermits - Museum
The Zombies - Remember You

Ray Charles - A Fool for You

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