27. The Simple Interpretation of the Dream

Your host for this edition of Radio Free Gunslinger is Fred Rogers.

The Content

First Sequence:
 The Mitch Murray Clan - Skyliner
The Bunnies - Thumper!
The Nick Venet Orchestra - Hip City
The T-Bones - Cinnamint Shuffle
Joe Loss & His Band - Go Home, Bill Ludendorf

Second Sequence:
Rev. Thomas Dorsey - Hide Me in Thy Bosom
Alex Bradford & The Bradford Specials - Lord, Lord, Lord
The Jackson Gospel Singers - Can't Do No Wrong
Professor Johnson & His Gospel Singers - That Old Time Religion
The Waldo Singers - Trust Him Today

Third Sequence:
Sterling Holloway - Trust in Me
Annette Funicello & Richard Sherman - Strummin' Song (rehearsal)
Maurice Chevalier & Hayley Mills - Enjoy It!
Burl Ives - On the Front Porch
Louis Prima & Phil Harris - I Wanna Be Like You

Fourth Sequence:
The Cats - Swan Lake
The Skatalites - The Guns of Navarone
Prince Buster - Madness
Lord Tanamo - I'm in the Mood for Love
Derrick & Patsy - Housewives' Choice

Unknown Pianist - Ballet: Punch and Judy Get a Divorce
(from 'Love Life'; Music by Kurt Weill)

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