54. All That Naturalness

Your host for this edition is Ethel Merman

It is entitled All That Naturalness

The Content

First Sequence:
Giant Crab - It Started With a Little Kiss
Unrelated Segments - Story of My Life
Nazz - Gonna Cry Today
The Five Emprees - Mama Didn't Know
Little Willie & The Adolescents - Looking for Love

Second Sequence:
The Sugar Beats - First Love
The Hung Jury - Let the Good Times In
The British Casuals - Toyland
The American Revolution - Rainbow in the Rain
Hudson - Everybody Sing (live)

Third Sequence:
J.D. Blackfoot - I've Never Seen You
Charley D. & Milo - I'll Keep It With Mine
Cherokee - Changin' Winds
Eastfield Meadows - Love's Gone
Buffalo Springfield - Kind Woman

Fourth Sequence:
Paper Blitz Tissue - Boy Meets Girl
The Nuchez's - Open Up Your Mind
Steve Aldo - You're Absolutely Right
Him & The Others - She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies
Chapter Four - In My Life

The Velvet Underground - Miss Joanie Lee

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