68. He Rides in Desperation

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Your host for this edition is Rod Serling

 It is entitled He Rides in Desperation

The Content

 First Sequence:
Griffin and The True Believers - Beautiful Weather
Grey Revell - Gone Gone
Roger Manning - The Subway Blues #2
Adam Green - My Shadow Tags On Behind
Major Matt Mason - Rockstar

Second Sequence:
Hyperjinx Tricycle - Long Lost Love
Brer Brian - Harlem '99
Ben Haschish - So Good So Far
Herman Düne - Affection
Prewar Yardsale - Would Ed Wood?

Third Sequence:
Eric Wolfson - Sleeping is a Sucker's Game
Brian Piltin - Tramp Star
Joie/Dead Blonde Girlfriend - Velvet Coffin
Schwervon - Song for Weddings and Funerals
Stipplicon - Stamp Your Name On It

Fourth Sequence:
The Festival - The Ink Festival
Jude Kastle - Great Jones
Barry Bliss - All I Really Want
Patsy Grace - Falling
Paleface - Say What You Want

Kimya Dawson - I'm Fine

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  1. Do you have any interesting offerings for the Yule Tide Season?


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