71. The Gee Whiz Thing

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Your host for this edition is Skip Weshner

It is entitled The Gee Whiz Thing

The Content

  First Sequence:
The Format - The Lottery Song
Steve Forbert - The Moonbeam Song
The Casuals - Daddy's Song
Victoria Williams - The Puppy Song
Le Switch - Mr. Richland's Favorite Song (live)

Second Sequence:
The Walkmen - Old Forgotten Soldier
Filter - One
Peter Dizozza - Without Her
Jiffipop - Mournin' Glory Story
Johnny J, with Vorgus - Spaceman

Third Sequence:
The Modern Folk Quartet - This Could Be the Night
Harpers Bizarre - Poly High
The Turtles - The Battle of the Bands
Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas - 1941
The Fruit Machine - Cuddly Toy

Fourth Sequence:
Sagittarius - I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City
The Yardbirds - Ten Little Indians
The George Tipton Orchestra - Think About Your Troubles
Ella Fitzgerald - Open Your Window (live)
Harry Nilsson - Life Line (live)

LCD Soundsystem - Jump Into the Fire (live)

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